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Gladiator is a business consultancy firm comprised of expert analysts, marketers, project managers, and legal advisers skilled at investment challenges unique to organizations of the MENA and East African region. Our team has years of experience navigating the dynamic and complex legal and commercial requirements that organizations face as they expand and thrive in the MENA and East Africa.

Founded in Sudan in 2015 by Ghada Satti, Gladiator expanded to the strategically located and fast growing UAE in order to fill a gap in market. Gladiator has come to embody the vision of its founders, becoming an adept team of professionals providing end-to-end solutions to organizations large and small. From market analysis to feasibility studies, legal support, project management, and complete project establishment, Gladiator is committed to developing effective solutions to help your business excel.

Gladiator is providing companies reliable
expertise and management solutions
throughout the dynamic UAE and MENA regions.


What We Do

Project Management

Business Consultancy

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Our Services

Project Management

Hiring consultants with extensive project management experience is a viable solution for many organizations who may lack the talent or manpower to achieve the required goals in-house.

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Investment Analysis

Get expert advice and professional analysis from Gladiator to help you identify the best business investment opportunities for you.

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Feasibility Studies

Gladiator carries out feasibility studies with high efficiency and precision to help you determine the profitability of a business decision before you take the leap.

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Securing Finance

We leverage our wide networks and financial know-how to make sure our client portfolios have the appropriate risk/return profile.

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Legal Advice

Gladiator boasts a vast network of multinational legal experts who can offer strong local knowledge and provide comprehensive legal advice on company formation, scope of work, and more.

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Business Reengineering

The Reengineering process examines every system in your business and tries to find ways to reengineer them to be more efficient, faster and smoother.

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Complete Project Establishment

Gladiator’s team of experienced consultants have implemented many projects through this inclusive A-Z management process, which includes analysis of business opportunities, feasibility studies, business plans, project management and project execution.

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Market Analysis

Gladiator’s team of expert consultants have over 15 years of experience in market analysis, research and strategy. Let the experts help you make informed business decisions that will help you grow your business and expand your market reach.

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